Things to See in California

When in California, my home state, you must see the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s one of my favorite spots and the feeling of being on that majestic bridge if truly amazing. On your way down the coast, try checking out Hearst Castle, near San Luis Obispo. It is a truly amazing place and the first time I went I could not believe what this man had created. Another worthy stop is in Los Angeles. It is home to so many landmarks. When in L.A. one must talk a walk down Hollywood Blvd and of course go shopping! The shopping in L.A. is amazing. The last must-see place along the California Coast is San Diego. It’s sunny all the time and the beaches are perfect. I love my state

3 thoughts on “Things to See in California

  1. G’day Vivi,
    I went to a conference a couple of years ago in San Diego and I must admit I loved the weather. I went on a city tour in a small bus that included going along the harbour area and the zoo. We also drove across to the Coronado area, with the beautiful beaches and shops.

  2. Hi,
    It’s Mia from Australia I realy love your blog
    I need to visit your state some time becuase it sounds so good.
    I hope you can keep on commenting on my blog!
    Thanks Mia

  3. Hi,

    My name is Jason and I’m part of the Edublogs Support team that supports the blogging challenge.

    I enjoyed checking out your blog. I have visited California several times. The last time I stayed out on the coast near San Francisco; it was beautiful. I have never been to the Hearst Castle but it looks like it’s worth the trip.

    One blogging suggestion is that it’s helpful to include links to the things you mention so readers can get more info. For instance, you could include a link to to make it easy for readers to learn about the castle.



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